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Tenfold should be an automatic add-on when you buy Salesforce

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The Tenfold Sales Equation

Make More Calls

The combination of Click to Dial, Automatic Call Logging, and easy follow up tasks shave minutes off of every call. Our customers report being up to 30% more productive from day one.

Build Better Relationships

Our activity history bar, social media detection, and simplified data capture helps you build better relationships with your customers so you can close more deals.

Track & Optimize

Now that every phone call is logged, we can finally use this data to improve your organization. Our analytics help you coach and train your reps into rockstars.

Make More

Easy implementation, streamlined workflow, automated records—all you need to support your team, and guarantee a return on every dollar you spend.


We Support YOUR Phone & CRM

Connects in minutes


  • Insightly is a simple yet effective app for small business to manage customers and contacts

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  • Salesforce is worlds leading cloud-based CRM Solution.

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  • Oracle Sales Cloud is built to meet the essential needs of sales reps and sales managers

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  • Manage sales, marketing and support in one place with SugarCRM

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  • Zoho makes it easy to get the complete picture of your sales cycle

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  • is built from the ground up to be more than just a CRM

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  • Dynamics is a leading CRM with on-premise and cloud versions available

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  • NetSuite helps companies manage core business processes with a single, fully integrated system

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  • Know What to Say to Close the Deal

    Your CRM contains a wealth of information, but it can be hard to find in time to make a difference on a phone call. With Tenfold, the crucial information is served in an intuitive popup before the call is even answered. The popup arms salespeople with the information they need to close from the moment they answer the phone.

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  • Automate the little things, Focus on the Big Things

    Tenfold logs every call in the background so you get complete information and your team can focus on closing deals instead of data entry.

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  • Get Better Analytics

    Tenfold combines CRM & Phone data to provide actionable analytics. There are a wealth of reports available at the click of a button.

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  • Stop Leads from Falling through the cracks

    Our smart note box uses natural language processing and @mention syntax to make followups and collaboration incredibly easy.

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