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No More Data Entry

You’re not a robot so stop logging your calls like one! Callinize puts an end to the chore. Each call is automagically logged into your CRM and related to the appropriate contact. With all the time you'll save, you can actually enter notes instead!

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Make More Calls

Our click to dial works on any web page whether you’re in your CRM, your inbox, or in spreadsheet. If there’s a phone number, you can click it. While it’s ringing, productively review your history or add them to the CRM. Learn More

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Start Recognizing Your Callers

Start each call off with context. No more: “What’d you say your name is?”, “What company are you with?”, or “Where’d we leave off?” The callinize popup tells you who it is and what you talked about last. Learn More

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  • Create call notes
  • CC for Phone Calls
  • Create follow up tasks

Better Follow Ups

Callinize not only helps you make more calls and recognize… Our smart note box uses natural language processing to make following up and collaborating incredibly easy. Learn More

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Call Analytics

Call Data + CRM Data = Useful Data
On it’s own call logs are just a bunch of phone numbers and durations… It’s incomplete. CRM gives context on the calls which makes it meaningful for your business. Learn More

Ask yourself
  • How much time do I spend supporting customers?
  • What time of day is best to call leads in Higher Education?
  • Which of my employees is best at getting decision makers on the phone?

Callinize should be an automatic add-on when purchasing Salesforce. The statistics are tied directly into Salesforce, so I’m able to create customized call reports around the Callinize data easily.

- Craig Murphy, Intercontinental Hotels Group

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